light box, power off...

...and power on!

Bride of Dionysus, 2012.
Plexiglas print/ mixed media lightbox
edition of three, 30 x 25"
price on request

This lightbox piece was inspired by the mural in the Villa of the Mysteries in Pompeii, depicting the initiation of a young woman into the cult of Dionysus, circe AD 79.

In both pieces, the young initiate is shown being ritually wed to the god, to become a Maenad, or female follower of Dionysus. Maenads were infamous in the ancient world for their frightening orgiastic ceremonies. Orpheus met his end at the hands of Maenads, who tore him to shreds with their bare hands when he stumbled uninvited into the Oracle of Dionysus in Thrace.

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