Two-minute demo of face shields that I designed and am manufacturing on a small scale out of my studio in Charlottesville, VA. See for more info!

From the start I knew I wanted my design to have certain features that the disposable kinds don’t: adjustability, sturdiness, a visor that lifts up like a welding mask, and the ability to sterilize all components and reuse them. (That said, many single-use face shields are beautifully designed and have the advantage of a foam seal along the forehead, so choose the right face shield for your needs). I also knew that I couldn’t compete with the price of the single-use kind, nor produce them in the same volume, but hope that the reusability of my design will more than make up for it. (Mine also don’t have a tendency to fog up, unlike many of the disposable ones). Realistically I can make 50-100 face shields a week, provided there are no supply chain interruptions.

My goal has always been to donate as many face shields as possible to frontline workers at hospices, care facilities, etc, but I can’t singlehandedly fund the project either, so until I get the specifics worked out, they’re six bucks a set (watch video to see what that includes), and any general support-type donations of money will translate into face shields donated to worthy causes. Local frontline workers and groups are welcome to inquire about receiving face shield donations, too. Inquiries at or